Fine-Tuning Our “Receptors” To A Higher Frequency

Fine-Tuning Our “Receptors” To A Higher Frequency

I am fascinated with the idea of fine-tuning our “receptors” to the higher frequency of joy. Activating spontaneous feelings of upliftment and well-being can become our normal way of life. To help us understand this concept more fully, we only need to look at how technology is mirroring the depth and breadth of our expansion. Let’s look at television, for example.

Remember not so long ago when it was necessary to use “rabbit ears” to get a good reception? Remember the silver foil and having to mess with them to hopefully get a clear picture? Or how about those early computers? Who ever heard of WiFi? Yet it was just a few short years ago that broadband reception and high-definition televisions were introduced. Today these high-tech components are readily accepted and much more affordable.

We Have Been Rewired and Upgraded

Now, can you accept that our improved technology is mirroring our ability to receive information? Have you experienced these changes, too? I find that many people have been rewired and upgraded to high-definition reception. Now, I also realize that in so doing we have activated our pre-frontal cortex, the higher aspect of our brain. These receptors in the brain are way beyond anything we now call “broadband.”

This part of our brain is the part we have been awakening for years, incrementally crawling, walking, running, and now flying within the dimensional frequencies of light and joy, releasing endorphins that unleash rushes of healing tones that cause the physical cells of our body to align immediately with their innate perfection, uncoiling the ancient kundalini energy center of the spine to bring greater clarity and higher awareness into our everyday experience. Just like watching high-definition TV or surfing the Internet with a WiFi connection, perfect health and creative success are easily reachable, right now.

Understanding the Idea of Channeling

First of all, I invite you to realize that reaching for what is already inside you and waiting for you is easy to get to. With practice, accessing this information becomes effortless. It is like we become Olympic athletes who train to focus so completely that there are no distractions; no other voices contradicting knowing that we will indeed reach our goal. With training, everything in the body obediently comes into alignment, anticipating the joy of victory.

Throughout my years of teaching people how to allow the messages from other dimensions to come through, I have some simple guidelines that always work.

Any message you receive needs to have all three of these components to be assured of the clear content of the message:

Unconditional Love

Non Judgment


These are easy ways to become aware if there is any subconscious pushing occurring. When I encounter that in myself or others I simply stop, realign, and ask for greater clarity.

The teachings that continue to inspire me as I learn and grow is to know we are all in this together, equally; we are all Masters in our own right, we each have a unique focus, and we can tune into any frequency or channel we choose to align our thoughts with.

As we enter new and expanded degrees of awareness, perhaps the idea of channeling might seem passé for some. The reason I mention it is that it was and still is my path and helps me better understand not only my life, but also life on all levels. As a teacher, healer, and mentor, it is my job to be able to align with the needs and desires of those I am supporting with expanded awareness.

What Is Channeling?

Fine-Tuning Our “Receptors” To A Higher FrequencyChanneling is simply relaxing my own thoughts and possible projections, which allows the inspiration already present in the client or student to come to the surface and be known. I hold the focus, which in turn transmits the loving and nonjudgmental energy for them to tune their frequency to. The results are miraculous in many cases.

In the old paradigm, channels spoke for others. The new, much expanded paradigm allows a channel, such as myself, to empower others to realize their own truth. The rewards for all are astounding.

We are all connected to the Source of Life itself. Everyone uses their innate abilities to bring forth inspiration from deep within all the time. Some of us have less resistance than others. Channeling is a focused tuning, reaching a higher frequency than we are used to using on a daily basis. This frequency is usually tuned into our Higher Self or Soul, broadcasting on an inspirational wavelength.

We All Bring Forth Information from Deep Within

Because we all channel and bring forth information from deep within, what type of channel do you see yourself as? Can you think of yourself in those terms?

In times of crisis, are you an uplifter? When someone really needs help, do you find that you are saying just the perfect things that help him or her feel better? During those moments when it seems that you’re daydreaming, do you realize that you are accessing the potential to draw inspirational ideas and thoughts to you?

As you realize the power in these moments, and with practice, you can deliberately create an atmosphere of receptivity with the intention of allowing your Inner Being to bring you a teaching. This teaching can be on anything, and you don’t have to get specific at first. Trust that the greater part of you knows exactly what you want and need and will bring it to you immediately.

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