Two Easy Methods Of Spiritual Protection For Everyone

Two Easy Methods Of Spiritual Protection For Everyone 

Spiritual protection is something that everyone should know how to do, regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

Negativity in any form can be damaging to your energy. The more you engage in negative patterns, the more you are going to “leak” energy and light. Everything that you create is processed first by your mind, so any negativity that emanates from you or which you express to others, is owned by you.

Even though sometimes we create the negativity to simply send it to others, it first has to pass through us. Therefore fear, anger, depression, negative people, negative places, arguments, jealousy, greed, and all other negative energies actually create a negative layer around us that is very much like a dark and dingy coat of paint. The more you engage in that negativity, the more coats of paint you layer upon your energy field. As you continue doing this, the negative energy starts leaking all over your life, creating problems at home, at work, and with people you love.

For this reason, spiritual cleansings are very important for your person, your home, and your office. I suggest you do this regularly. It is also important when you notice that the energy inside your auric field is not harmonious and your chakras are out of balance.

I suggest you protect yourself every morning as you get ready to start your day. In the same way that you prepare yourself for the activities of your day by taking a shower, getting dressed, and brushing your teeth, you should apply protection as part of your daily routine.

Bubble of Light Protection

The bubble of light protection technique is very simple to do and is very effective. To do this, imagine a sphere, egg, or bubble big enough for you to fit inside. The strength of the egg shape in particular is quite amazing; it is no wonder that nature chose it!

Once you have the shape visualized with yourself inside of it, imagine that the walls are about 12 inches thick and made out of unbreakable glass. If you’d like, you can add your own daily prayer to this visualization. Mine is: I invoke the Light of the Christ within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.

The inside of the bubble is very important. I’m sure you’ve experienced the ways in which colors impact your life and your mood. The same applies to the color you put inside the bubble or egg.

If you want general protection, use pure white light. Envision it as big and as bright as you can in your mind’s eye, feeling it and allowing it to grow as large as you can make it. Once you have the visual or the feeling of it, imagine that you are blowing this white light into your bubble, the same way that you would blow air into a balloon. Do this until you feel it is completely full. This means that you have generated this light within you first; and when you are full, you can fill the bubble.

Here is a list of colors that you can add to the inside of your bubble or egg, depending on the situation that you are going to encounter:

  • Blue : for protection, communication, and flow
  • Green: for giving and receiving healing, balance, and new growth
  • Red: for action and vitality on the physical plane
  • Orange: for procreation, co-creation, and sexuality
  • Yellow: for mental clarity, direction and focus
  • Purple: for spirituality and wisdom
  • White: for purity, connection, and enlightenment
  • Peach: for flattery (it brings out the best in everything and everyone!)
  • Pink: for sweetness and humility
  • Turquoise: for self-worth and as a purifier
  • Pearlescent: contains all colors and is good for everything
  • Silver: for attention, flow, and to be noticed
  • Gold: for Christ consciousness
  • Gray: for intensity or to intensify your actions
  • Brown: for grounding and stabilization
  • Black : for containing, absorbing, and consuming

This is a wonderful list of colors that you can add to the inside of your bubble or egg.

There will also be times when you have to do something to the outside of the bubble, depending on the circumstances in your life. If you are experiencing a psychic attack, receiving negativity and waves of anger, jealousy, or criticism from a source known or unknown, you may want to coat the outside of the bubble with a reflecting surface like a mirror.

You may be asking why you would want to do this. First of all, and most importantly, you are not responsible for the projections or energy of others. By reflecting the energy back to the source, you give that individual the opportunity to take ownership of his or her projections. They are not for you to deal with; you have enough of your own stuff!

The most important thing is to always reflect back with love and compassion. Do it knowing that what you ultimately want is the highest good for all concerned.

Three-Layer Protection

The three-layer protection is another simple yet effective way to protect yourself. To do this, see yourself standing and gathering all of your energy into your heart. Feel how all your intention funnels into the center of your heart.

From this space, generate a feeling of love, and allow that feeling to gently grow and take over your entire body. Feel the temperature of love radiating out of your heart like gentle waves of heat; visualize the color blue, like a flame. Allow that sensation to travel approximately 12 feet in front of your body and there, create a bubble or an egg shape all around you. See it as clearly as you can, and make it thick. See and feel the heat that continues to emanate from your heart, and apply it to the exterior surface of the bubble.

Return your attention to your heart, and once again generate those feelings of love. Feel your heart expanding. This time visualize the color green. Make it the most beautiful green you have ever seen. Allow it to travel approximately six feet in front of you, just as before, and create a bubble or egg shape around you. See it as clearly as you can. Coat the bubble with the color green that you generated.

Return your attention to your heart, and again start generating feelings of love and compassion. This time imagine a golden and luminous color, and imagine it generating energy in the center of your chest, your heart chakra. There, see it as a golden, luminescent ball approximately four to five inches in diameter. Feel it vibrating and moving. Feel and know that the energy within the sphere is alive. Feel it becoming the essence of love and compassion more and more, and feel the electric qualities contained within it.

Allow that ball of energy to gently escape from your heart and travel approximately three feet in front of your body, and there create a sphere or an egg shape. Make it as strong as you can and see the golden luminous color radiating all around it.

Now see yourself standing in the center of all three egg-shaped layers. Think of Russian dolls that fit one inside the other. The first egg shape, the one with the heat, is going to burn and keep away any energy projected at you from any source known or unknown. It is going to keep you protected from the world at large, especially energies of mal-intent, negativity, anger, criticism, and envy.

The second egg shape, the green one, is going to create a second layer of protection. Here you will allow energy to pass through the first layer and bring it closer to you; here you can store energies of healing either given or received.

The third egg shape is the one closest to you. The color is golden, and this layer is your most intimate layer. Here you allow Spirit to enter. This is your most intimate space, a space of inner meditation and communion with the self. This is the space that is reserved for your most intimate relationships, inner exploration, prayer, celebration, and love.

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