Clearing Your Home or Office of Negative Energy

Clearing Your Home or Office of Negative Energy

Regular spiritual house clearings are important to remove any negative energy that’s lingering around. Everything in your home, from carpets, furniture, and pictures to appliances and even wall paint, can become caked with energy. Every negative event or outburst (such as an episode of sarcasm, anger, rage, or abuse) will leave an energetic imprint in your home. If you do nothing about it, you’ll essentially be allowing negativity to accumulate in your home.

If you move to a new home or office, you really don’t know what went on there before you moved in. Perhaps the former occupants emanated tremendous amounts of anger and dissatisfaction. Perhaps there was arguing, crying, or even violence to the point that someone was hurt or even killed. You just never know. No matter what, it is always best to do a complete house clearing.

Before we start, let me be very clear about this procedure. It involves fire, and you have to be extremely careful when you do it. You don’t want to take any risks of injuring or burning yourself or your property.

This is a two-fold ritual. The first part is to remove, let go of, and extract everything negative from the house. Everything, good and bad, leaves. The second part is to invite and welcome the spirits that you want. By spirits, I mean saints, Christ, Buddha, angels, archangels, and so on. I do not mean the spirits of deceased people.

Part I: Removing Negative Energies from the House

This is what you will need:

  • One large frying pan
  • Aluminum foil
  • Epsom salts
  • Alcohol
  • Pot holder
  • White sage and a bowl in which to burn it
  • A lighter with a long nozzle to prevent you from burning your hand

Note: This is going to produce a very strong fire so be very cautious. Have someone with you in case you need support holding the frying pan. Use pot holders, not towels, to hold the frying pan because it will get very hot.

Do not do this near curtains, dried flowers, or anything else that can catch fire easily. And do not do this if you don’t feel comfortable with fire. You may want to start the process with a very small amount of Epsom salts and alcohol and see how you feel.

This is what you will do:

Start by having a clean home, making it as uncluttered as possible, especially in the corners. Sweep or vacuum the floors, removing all dust and dirt. This is an important step—don’t skip it! Then, create an energy of protection around you. Ask your angels, spirit guides, gods, and goddesses to protect you.

Remind yourself that what you are doing is for the highest good of everyone concerned. You can use this prayer as you walk around the house, repeating constantly:

I invoke the Light of the Christ within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.

1. Line the frying pan with the aluminum foil. Add Epsom salts to cover the bottom of the pan (about 1/4 inch deep). Add alcohol to cover the Epsom salts, making sure the alcohol is at least 1/8 inch above the salts.

2. Make sure all windows and doors are open, if possible. This is important since you want to give all the energy, spirits, and entities an easy exit out of the house. Closed doors and windows will keep them trapped.

3. Light the mixture and walk around the room or house. It will produce an intense flame so be very careful. Hold the frying pan at arm’s length and away from your face. There will be areas where the fire will get angry. Stop there for a moment until it slows down a bit. These are areas of accumulated energy, and they need to be released and consumed by the fire.

4. Walk from corner to corner of the room to clear every inch of the space, and then move to the next room. When finished, place the frying pan on a potholder, a tile, a trivet, or a cement floor. The bottom is going to be extremely hot and it will burn anything that’s not heatproof.

5. Once you have completed this part, close all windows and doors. This way, all the energies you want to bring into the house, through your invocations and prayer, will stay in the house. Call for the Light and invite the saints, Buddha’s, bodhisattvas, or benevolent spirits you work with.

Part II: Inviting In Good Energies

The next part of the process is done with white sage or another sacred herb such as sweetgrass, copal, frankincense. You can also use incense if you don't have white sage. Make sure all fire alarms are disabled because of the smoke.

1. Start at the same place as before. Light the sage and then blow out the flame so the sage can produce smoke. Slowly walk from corner to corner of each room as you did before.

2. Use the prayer or mantra of your choice to invite the good spirits and call in the angels. Visualize peace, love, and harmony, and feel the energy that you want to protect your home. Play beautiful devotional music to fill the space.

3. Tie a white sage flower above the entrance or entrances of your home. This will keep your home protected.

4. Light a candle, place it on your altar, and give thanks and gratitude for all that you have learned and done.

There is another way that you can clear your home, but it is not meant to replace the previous recipe. Dilute pure salt, rock salt, or unrefined sea salt with purified water and put it in a spray bottle. Walk around each room from corner to corner, spaying the water all around. This acts as an excellent neutralizer.


Smudging is a beautiful ceremony. I was introduced to it in Mexico when I was a child, not knowing what the shaman or medicine man or woman was doing as I watched them blow smoke all over the person they were healing or in the home they were cleansing. As I grew older, I learned that they used sacred herbs, including tobacco, to lift or cleanse any negativity from the person or the home. Most native cultures from all over the world have a smudging ritual as part of their traditions.

When I started attending sweat lodges here in the United States more than 20 years ago, my spiritual grandmother (although she always called me brother, so we finally settled on “grandsis”) talked about smudging. Her name is Barrett Eagle Bear. and she is a medicine woman from the Lakota tradition. She always said that negative spirits cannot stand to be in the presence or the scent of sage but that positive spirits are attracted to its scent.

To me, smudging is akin to a spiritual vacuum cleaner. Anything that is caked inside your auric field is going to be removed. Any energy that lingers after a healing session or an episode of anger can and should be cleared with this method.

You can use any sacred herb such as white sage, sweet grass, copal, frankincense, myrrh, or pure tobacco (not for smoking) to remove negativity. I use loose white sage. I place some of it in a ceramic bowl and light it.

As the sage is smoking, the person whom you are smudging stands with legs and arms akimbo. Starting from the top, you fan the smoke from head to toe, passing the bowl over and around the arms and legs. Once you do the front, move to the back and do the same thing so that both front and back are covered. If you have a smudging fan, even better. This way you don’t have to use your hand or blow it with your breath. It is also more traditional.

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