Nothing Is Stupider Than Not Wearing Mask As A Badge Of Honor

Nothing Is Stupider Than Not Wearing Mask As A Badge Of Honor

You know what they always say. There's always 5%. Well it seems that Florida just can't stay out of the news from a negative stand point. Being a native Floridian and now just a winter residence, I can assure you that our Florida 5% is just mainly better at making the news than others. We are exceptional that way.

On the opposite front my wife and I spend our summers in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our 5% here are so well behaved generally nobody even wants to see us on the news. But hey we can always watch the 5% in Florida in the safety of our province. There's enough entertainment there to go around. I love Florida and have lived there most of my life. My family moved there long enough ago to have killed an Indian at the well without legal repercussions. Not at all bragging but repenting mind you.

Speaking of safety Florida has had 683,754 reported covid-19 cases, 13,287 deaths and no telling how many active case as of yesterday. Nova Scotia has had 1,086 cases and 65 deaths and now has no active cases. Every now and then a new case pops up but it is swiftly dealt with. Of course there is a big population difference. 21 million in Florida and only 1 million in Nova Scotia. But that doesn't even begin to account for the difference. I will cut to the chaff. the difference is the quality of the government. When Nova Scotians enter a store or other public space we wear a face mask, we social distance, and we quarantine for 14 days if we leave the province and return. It's the law and nearly everyone follows it. Some even get fined.

Keep in mind as of yesterday Nova Scotia has no active case. So why all the bother to wear masks and social distance? Simply because we know that it is just a matter of time before new case pop up as business operate and kids return to school or someone will break the rules. Usually it is when someone breaks the rules that a new case will pop up. Catch them quickly and this virus can be controlled. That was been proven without a doubt in many places around the world where governments and leaders act responsibly.

I absolutely hate wearing a face mask so I just limit my excursions so as to not have to. But I don't at all feel put upon when I need to wear one. I know and understand it protects both me and those that I come in contact with.

Did we know masks were important? Well, of course we did. We had a flu pandemic back in 1918. Lots of people wore masks then.

Why Donald Trump Is History's Biggest Loser

We knew they were effective then and modern science has prove them extremely effective now. If both parties wear a mask is it is slim that the virus is transmittable. Wearing a mask mostly protects the other person. So not wearing a mask should be viewed as simply anti-social behavior and the non wearer avoided.

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Chris Hayes Rant

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There have been many local jurisdictions requiring face masks in public. And still Trump refuses to wear a mask in public saying it makes him look like the Lone Ranger. He should be so lucky. For you younger folks, the Lone Ranger was one of the good guys. His failure to set a good example in the face of the growing US pandemic has become down right criminal. Given that we now know he knew very early in the pandemic in China that this was a very infectious and deadly virus his bad behavior is certainly not acceptable for the worst anti social human being and much less they leader of a country and responsible for the safety of his citizens..

Even after all these months I can not easily buy an n-95 mask, the gold standard for personal and professional use. This is a fifty cent item. That was unthinkable a few months ago. Could we have produce these easily. Of course. All the federal government had to do was agree to purchase them and that Trump could have done with the stoke of a pen. Back in April Health and Human Services even teamed with the post office to send every postal customers 5 free masks. What happened. Didn't get yours? Trump nixed sending them.

For a different approach, Randy Rainbow makes it perfectly clear for the President who is reading challenged.

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Well we have reached the end of the line. Every election in the US since before the 2000 debacle in Florida we have sounded the alarm. The slippery slope was getting slippier




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