A 4-Step Way to Heal from Cold Symptoms

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, better known as Master Sha, is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, most famously his Soul Healing Miracles series. He shows how we can use techniques such as chanting, calligraphy, singing, meditating, and specific body positions to unblock energy in our cells and organs to generate self-healing processes in our own body.

Master Sha says we all have the power to heal ourselves. The body heals itself all the time. By learning how to move energy in our body using his techniques, we can facilitate that healing. It took many years for Master Sha to learn this healing process, but he is passionate about translating this knowledge into simple, straightforward techniques anyone can use.

To demonstrate how easy self-healing can be, Master Sha shares a four-step process to heal symptoms of a common cold, including fever and stuffy nose.

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself and Others

You have the power to heal yourself. You have the power to heal others. And you have the power to heal the world. All of us have within us the potential to be great healers. Many of us don’t realize this. When we’re sick, we feel helpless and victimized. What’s surprising is that it’s not difficult to heal oneself. It takes practice and persistence, but the effects of self-healing are often immediate and profound.

I will share a simple four-step self-healing technique you can try on a very common ailment this time of year: the common cold with fever. There are lots of other techniques I teach to heal oneself that include using lifestyle modifications, calligraphy, chanting, singing, visualizing, meditating, and using specific body positions. But anyone can learn the following techniques, and they’re easy to do.

For every type of ailment—whether it’s cataracts, high blood pressure, or diabetes—there is a set of unique techniques based on these four steps one can use for optimal self-healing. These are listed by ailment in my book Soul, Mind, Body Medicine.

A 4-Step Way to Heal from Cold Symptoms

To demonstrate how easy it is to self-heal, let’s focus on the common cold, since most of us experience this condition at least once a year.

1. Shen Mi—Body Power. Cup your left palm in front of your chest, about 6-8" away from the body, at the level of the nipples. Leave space between your hand and the body. Extend your right arm straight out, about 15-18", with your hand cupped. Hold this position for about 3-5 minutes, then switch hands. This promotes the flows of energy in both lungs. Body power works by using various hand and body positions to help free up blocked energy. When we’re sick, our energy gets blocked. Body power hand positions, unique for every ailment, generate energy fields of different densities that enable blocked energy to again flow freely, because energy flows naturally from a higher-density field of blocked energy to a lower-density field. Healing occurs when the energy blockage dissipates so energy can again flow freely.

2. Kou Mi—Sound Power. Chant san-wu (which means three-five, pronounced "sahn-woo"). This creates a vibrational healing sound, or frequency, for the chest and lungs, stomach and spleen, which are all involved in common cold conditions. Chant it over and over, as long as feels comfortable. Scientists and healers of all types routinely use energy frequencies to create changes in the body. This simple chant works on stuffy noses.

3. Vi Mi—Mind Power. Visualize bright golden or white light radiating and dissipating from the chest. Mind Power is mind over matter, which means using the power of the mind, intention, creative visualization, and the potential of the brain to heal.

4. Soul Power. Soul Power is soul over matter, which means using the power of the soul to heal. The primary Soul Power technique is to "say hello" to the souls that are involved in the ailment, and then request healing from them. Every cell in your body has a soul. We can say "hello" and request healing from the inner souls of our body, systems, organs, cells—even our DNA and RNA! Say this:

Dear soul, mind, and body of my chest and lungs, I love you. You have the power to heal yourselves. Dear soul, mind, and body of my hands, san-wu, and light, I love you all. You have the power to heal me. Do a good job. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Try this four-part technique several times a day until your symptoms clear up.

Once you learn how to heal a common cold, you may want to learn the technique for another condition.

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Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, author of the book: Divine Healing HandsDr. Zhi Gang Sha is trained as a doctor of Western medicine in China, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (China and Canada), and a Grandmaster of Eastern arts, including tai chi, qigong, kung fu, feng shui, I Ching, and calligraphy. Master Sha combines the essence of Western medicine with Eastern healing arts and modern spirituality. The founder of the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine, he is the author of numerous bestsellers, including his most recent book, Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies (Ben Bella, 2013). Learn more at www.drsha.com.


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