Creative Visualization: Taking Responsibility For Ourselves In Life

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We must take responsibility for ourselves in life. It is unfair to throw blame for what happens to us onto our parents, our spouse or life's circumstances.

Whether or not we believe that creative visualization will work for us, the fact is, we are already using it. 

We manufacture our own reality through our attitudes, our outlook on life and our own internal beliefs about ourselves.

We can change our negative circumstances by sitting back, taking stock of ourselves and setting some realistic goals, instead of continually lashing out at the unfairness of life.

Up For Challenge

This doesn't mean that we won't always have challenges thrust upon us in this life. But, if we are aware of the interconnectedness of everything in this world, and trust in a universe that cares about us and wants what is best for us, we will find what we need to succeed. 

Creatively visualizing what we want is one way to reach our goals. It isn't magic, it requires perseverance and patience, but it works.

The next time you're looking up at the evening sunset flooding the sky with color, remember that, as the observer, you are just as much a part of that sunset as the threads of red and gold streaming to the outskirts of the sky.

Part of the reason the sunset exists is because you are there to see it.

Just as we are a part of the sunset that we observe, we are also an integral part of the abundant universe.

And that universe always is here to help us.

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About The Author

Betsy Gallagher is a freelance writer and has experience in yoga, meditation and serving others while experiencing her own spiritual path. Betsy can be reached at: R.R. #2, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada N4K 5N4.

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