Delving Into The Mental Plane for Clarity and Knowing

Diving Into The Mental Plane for Clarity and Knowing

The mental plane is a sword with two very sharp edges. We need the mental plane, and it can be our greatest ally; but it can be our biggest enemy. The mental plane has the capacity to take us to the past, which it does quite well for most of us. It can also take us to the future, but the mind needs to be trained or it will go right back to what is familiar—memories from the past.

If we can come to the point of truly understanding the function of our mind, we have tremendous potential to fabricate and co-create our future. All things that are a part of our reality are conceived by the mind, orchestrated by the mind, and created by the mind.

Mind is a Non-Physical Tape Recorder

Mind is defined as non-physical. It is a phenomenon that has the ability to perceive, to recognize, to create experiences, and to react based on our environment. That which the mind is exposed to from our earliest years creates an imprint. In this sense the mind is like a multiple cassette recorder. When we are born, it gets turned on and starts recording. Some of what mind perceives and records is played over and over again. This creates patterns that many people spend the rest of their lives dealing with.

For many people, mind is a prison, a torture chamber they cannot escape. This is why psychiatrists have such a booming business. They prescribe mind-altering drugs for just about any reason: If you are feeling anxious, here is a pill. To me this seems like a quick fix, essentially sedating people and having them behave according to the norms and rules of those prescribing the drugs.

Clarity and Knowing: The Two Main Aspects of Mind

The mind is divided into two main aspects: clarity and knowing. This means that the mind can be clear and formless and allow objects to arise within it. It is also an awareness of consciousness that can engage with objects. Because of this, the mind has the potential for self-liberation.

These two aspects of the mind are both conceptual and non-conceptual. The conceptual is the normal mind, the mind we use every day to function and survive in daily life, the one that allows us to remember which car is ours and what street we live on. It helps us identify and understand the reality we live in.

The non-conceptual mind is the pure mind, the mind that has the potential for self-realization and liberation. You may be asking, “Liberation from what?” I am referring to liberation from the entrapments the mind itself creates. Through clinging and desire, these obscurations make us unhappy, put us in a prison, and create the state of what I call “woundedness” with which so many people identify.

The Wounded Self: The "Poor Me" Who Always Needs Sympathy

Woundedness  refers to the state of the wounded self, the “poor me” that acts as the victim and is always in need of sympathy. This wounded stance can be seen in the person who, within the first 10 minutes of meeting you, has told you his whole life story and all the bad things that have ever happened to him. Perhaps the person is 60 years old and is still suffering from something that happened when he was 12 years old that he simply cannot let go of.

The ego knows that by clinging to that endless cassette tape it can get sympathy, and it is much easier to be wounded than to be strong. More people are going to identify with the suffering and wounds of others because it makes them feel as though they are all in the same boat.

The Mind of Infinite Potential

Diving Into The Mental Plane for Clarity and KnowingNow let us get back to the mind of infinite potential, the mind that is as vast as the sky and can attain self-liberation. Imagine a clear and beautiful day. The temperature is perfect, just the way you like it. You are able to go sit on the top of a mountain, and you have a 360-degree view of the sky. You see the sky’s beautiful blue color. The horizon reaches as far as the eyes can see, and here and there you see clouds that come and go. Some are small and delicate like angel wings, and others are big and full. Some are even dark and pregnant with rain, and you know that at some point a storm is coming.

The vast beautiful sky is your mind and all the clouds are your thoughts. You can follow a cloud with your eyes as far as they can see, but eventually the cloud will disappear. If you learn how to train your mind, you can allow the clouds to gently and slowly fade into the vastness of the sky.

Many of us create a chain of clouds, like a train with hundreds of cars behind the locomotive, yet there is always a space between the clouds. This space is the space of “no mind,” and it is in this space that the potential for understanding the mind and for self-liberation live. This non-conceptual mind is just like the sky, and its fundamental essence is pure.

The Space Between Thoughts is The Space of No Mind

I love Sogyal Rinpoche's statement, “It is the pure nature of the mind which has the potential to realize emptiness.” This emptiness is the space between your thoughts.

With training, understanding, and patience, the space between thoughts will be elongated and, little by little, you will be brought to the space of no mind. In the space of no mind, you can find peace and refuge. Here you can find the doorways to higher realms, self-liberation, understanding, and enlightenment.

Through the Akashic Records, we are afforded a real view into how our mind operates. We can look deeply at the dozens of cassette tapes that are playing in our subconscious mind. With that information, we have a choice. How do we achieve the stillness I am describing? We achieve it through meditation.

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The Akashic Records: Sacred Exploration of Your Soul's Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness... by Ernesto OrtizThe Akashic Records: Sacred Exploration of Your Soul's Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness...
by Ernesto Ortiz

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