Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All Connected

Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All Connected

A land called "Lemuria" once existed in the Pacific Rim. The Hawaiian islands are remnants of Lemuria, which was a lush, tropical paradise. The Lemurians ate the tropical fruit that grew naturally on the islands without having to worry about getting food each day. Perhaps because the people didn't have to compete for their sustenance, the people were peaceful and loving, and they communicated telepathically with each other.

Intuitively, the Lemurians got the message that their land was sinking. They quietly and peacefully began walking westward to the regions that now form the Pacific coast of North America. Others went to higher ground, to the area that is now occupied by the islands of Hawaii. Because they followed their inner guidance, the Lemurians escaped the mass deaths precipitated by Earth changes.

How the Lemurians Lost Their Way

The Lemurians continued their peaceful existence as natives on the islands of the areas now known as Canada, the United States, and Mexico. When settlers from Europe arrived, they began teaching the generations descended from Lemurians some new and unnatural skills, which included relying on spoken and written language instead of nonverbal communication, eating processed foods, inhumanely raising and slaughtering animals, and basing their spirituality on externals such as a separated God, religious rules, and ancient texts. As the Lemurians adopted these unnatural practices, they lost many of their spiritual abilities.

The world became more unnaturally based. Soon, science began doubting spirituality and related gifts. "Anything that you can't touch, see, or measure doesn't exist!" science proclaimed. Spirituality became an industrialized business in the form of organized religions, and some of them lost touch with their original spiritual bases and instead focused on controlling the masses. One of the largest organized religions even put people to death if they acted outside of church rules.

The fear of death or ostracism made many people comply with religious authority. They surrendered their own ability to talk to God, and instead relied on high-ranking members of their church or temple as their avenue for receiving Divine messages. The religious leaders said that God was angry and vengeful, and that the people must follow His rules or suffer the punishment. So, they naturally complied.

Spiritual Renaissance & Quantum Physics

From time to time, though, spiritual renaissances would occur. In the last days of the 20th century, many people opened themselves up to spiritual and/or religious concepts. Some of this behavior was sparked by a fear that the year 2000 was a time of spiritual reckoning, or the prophesied "Second Coming." Many people attending my workshops at that time told me, "I don't really believe that the year 2000 will bring about the apocalypse, but I'm getting my spiritual life in order just in case."

Fortunately, many scientists embarked on a study of spirituality and related topics during that time. Research on the effect of prayer on healing poured in from every leading university, and the studies tended to show positive correlations between the two concepts.

Quantum physicists also started to delve into the role of human consciousness and how it affected matter. For instance, these scientists discovered that whatever a person is thinking while peering through an electronic microscope affects the motion of the electrons under that device.

Psychic Abilities & Telepathy

Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All ConnectedOther scientists began doing research on humans psychic abilities. Nearly everyone has a story to tell of some psychic phenomenon that has occurred in their life that they can't explain. One scientist named Daryl Bem decided that all of the studies conducted on telepathy up to that point had been faulty. For one thing, the previous scientists were prejudiced in favor of proving psychic abilities, and their beliefs unfairly influenced the study outcomes, Bem said. A Ph.D. in engineering at Cornell University in New York, Bem decided to create the most tightly controlled study on telepathy ever done in order to disprove the notion of psychic abilities.

So, between 1983 and 1989, Bem took 240 randomly selected Cornell students and put them in two soundproof, isolated rooms. He asked one group of students to look at random pictures and to mentally project these images to the students in the other room. The other students were instructed to reveal whatever mental pictures they "saw," and researchers would compare those mental pictures to those that the other group was "sending" to them. Bem fully expected that his study would show no correlation between the pictures that were sent and those that were mentally received.

He was surprised when the results showed a statistically significant correlation between the pictures sent and received! So, Bem conducted the entire experiment again, using different students. But again, the results showed that the mental pictures "received" by the students matched the ones that had been sent from across campus. Bem conducted the experiment 11 times before conceding that there was significant evidence to support the existence of telepathy.

Telepathy: A Normal Human Behavior

Other pioneering scientists who are helping us accept telepathy and other spiritual gifts as "normal "human behaviors," include Dr. Dean Radin, formerly with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Radin has conducted a number of studies showing the invisible thread that connects us all, and which allows us to telepathically communicate with other people.

One of the most fascinating studies conducted by Radin involved two men who didn't know each other. One man (Man A) had a blood pressure monitor on him. The other man (Man B) was in a separate room, out of earshot. Man B was told to think a loving thought about Man A. At that exact moment, Man A immediately registered a drop in blood pressure. Then, Man B was told to think an angry thought about Man A. Immediately, Man A's blood pressure soared, although he had no idea of the basis for the experiment. His mind wasn't consciously aware that Man B was thinking loving or angry thoughts about him, but his body knew. This same experiment was replicated, with the same results (using heart rate instead of blood pressure, though) in Japan.

So, telepathy may be a form of nonverbal communication based on the body's inner ears. Apparently, our body is sensitive to thought waves, although our conscious mind often tunes them out.

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