Choosing to Live Joy: Unconditional Love Is the Key

Choosing to Live Joy: Unconditional Love Is the Key

Unconditional love is just that — love without conditions. In great masses, humanity is moving away from wanting power over other people, to valuing the empowerment of one another.

Following my inner call to greatness, I founded a school of energy healing in 1994. I remember someone asked me if I had a charter, and who was underwriting me. Exactly who was giving me permission to do such a thing as creating a school? Taken off guard, I clearly remember my answer, “I guess I gave myself permission. After all, aren’t you my monitors? If I don’t meet your needs, you won’t come back.” That was an innocent statement and now when I look back on the truth of it, it helps me stay in integrity.

The inner guidance I followed was not looking to any other institution or group for approval—my passion and desire were the only approval necessary. The follow-through was easy because it was my destiny and all the “cooperative components” were assembled to make it so.

Stop Condemning Yourself & Others

In my first school catalogue I wrote, “You have to love yourself before you can love others.” That statement came from an inner knowing that was never taught to me, instead it came to me. Unconditional love is, first and foremost, loving yourself unconditionally. Never condemn yourself for anything, rather, learn from what that relationship had to offer and quickly move on. When you stop condemning yourself, it will never occur to you to condemn anyone else. The words you speak and the feelings you project are then unconditional.

Spiritual maturity is understanding that we are all in this together. This lifetime that you are experiencing was deliberately chosen because of the excitement of the day. Now, at this stage of awareness, our self-focus need not be harsh. There is nothing to protect or defend against. Ease and flow are the order of the day.

As the powerful teaching on the Law of Attraction is now becoming widespread in our culture, it is also important to realize that the energy of unconditional love is surging beneath the surf. This is the time of alignment as we take our existence beyond the beyond.

Creating New Strategies for Living

As I write this section, a woman stopped to remark on how lovely it has been for her to see me writing every day in this magnificent spot overlooking the bay here in Australia. As we talked and shared a moment, I asked her if she was here with the conference that I noticed earlier. She said “Yes, they were here creating new strategies for their company.”

As I reflect on that gentle woman, I realize that is exactly what I am doing — creating new strategies. She reflected perfectly the very intent of my writing. A cooperative component sent from the source of me to let me know I am right on track. Now I take time to be in deep appreciation for this woman and her company, and hold her with unconditional love.

I am aware and deliberately conscious of the true meaning of that brief encounter. As a result, it has given me a deeper perspective on my purpose. I also realize that I love the quiet beauty of nature, I feel aligned with myself here without any distractions to tempt me away from my joy.

Experimenting & Playing with Awareness of Joy

As we move beyond the paradigm shift, we are being collectively taken on a joy ride. Hang on — it will be a very fun adventure. To arrive at this fantastic opportunity, each of us has been on a journey of preparation so that we could be ready to embrace all the new things that are unfolding for us. Teachers such as Jesus, Seth, Bashar and countless others opened the way for me and shined the light on my path. This golden age has arrived for all of us to experience what it feels like to be humans experimenting and playing with our new awareness of joy in our lifetime.

The formula for the paradigm shift is so simple that it often has us wondering, “Wait a minute … could it be that easy?” Basically, when enough people are doing the same thing, because we are all connected, everyone consciously shifts. That is the paradigm shift stated simply.

Have you heard that wonderful poem about the child that picked up one starfish and gently put it back in the ocean? In the poem the beach was littered with hundreds of starfish and the parent asked why the child was doing this, because there was no way he could help all the starfish. The child replied that he had made a difference for that one little starfish and that was enough for him. You are the starfish tossed back into an ocean of unconditional love that starts a process of the expansion that activates joy.

Deliberately Choosing to Live Joy Every Day

Choosing to Live Joy: Unconditional Love Is the KeyI deliberately choose to live joy every day. I encourage you to realize that the most powerful thing you can do in every moment is to choose joy. Know when you are off the mark and make the shift into joy your greatest priority. When you choose joy, you become the embodiment of joy that naturally affects your reality as well as the reality of others. Your joy is a flint that creates a spark that ignites the fire of unconditional love that subsequently creates more joy.

This book was written because I activated joy. My intention is for you to cherish the love I give to you through these pages, add it to your treasure chest, use the tools and pay it forward when you are ready because you are a very important link in the chain of love. You matter more than words can say. I encourage you to believe in yourself and follow your heart because love is always the answer.

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