Destroying a Planet or Learning to Live Together?

Destroying A Planet? article by Rev. Daniel Chesbro

Not long ago, nuclear war was possible between Pakistan and India. Yet interviews with both societies indicated they did not fear nuclear war. First of all, many of them don’t even know what a nuclear device is because they lack an education. Many don’t remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or say that wasn’t so bad. Tell that to the people who lived through that experience.

Most of us have seen pictures of what remained after the blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The current nuclear devices are, at a minimum, 120 times more powerful than those bombs. Now imagine what those places would look like if the blast had been 120 times greater. There would be absolutely nothing above ground level — nada, zilch, zero, zip! There would be no plain on which the city sat. Instead there would be an enormous black crater a few hundred feet deeper into the ground. The surrounding hills and mountains would be either blown away and/or melted down. The blast zone would extend 50 to 75 miles or more in all directions. The entire area would be uninhabitable, un-traversable, for several hundred years.

It’s incredible that if they imagined, “it isn’t going to be that bad”, and they started dropping bombs, millions of people would die. Hopefully all that won’t happen. It’s been more than sixty years since the last atomic bombs were dropped and we have been encouraging people to avoid ever doing that again, but there are many countries with generations who don’t remember or don’t know. They’re so far removed from it that it’s not part of their reality.

Free Will: Choosing Peace & Tranquility?

Destroying A Planet? article by Rev. Daniel Chesbro

I hope they always choose to avoid such things because they could lead to annihilation. Now you may say that you prefer peace and tranquility. You may say that you as an individual are not planning to hurt, let alone bomb, anyone. You may then ask, why do you have to be affected by these things?

Our dilemma is that we human beings have our own free will. If we all willed peace on earth, obviously we would all have peace on earth, because that’s what everybody is thinking and desiring as a collective. But because everybody doesn’t do so, we have alternative events because of alternative collective desires and intentions.

People on the other side of the world from our point of view may be alright with thermonuclear war. However, what they do to the planet is going to affect everything on the planet. You might not desire that to happen, and neither do I, but I am also aware that at some level I’ve agreed to live here with the idea, that this is a possible future.

Learning to Live Together

So this is our drama right now: what are we going to do with the opportunity to destroy a planet, or to destroy twin towers, or to maintain adverse points of view about philosophy, religion, political systems or whatever? How are we going to learn to live together, and not just the human race but all the other beings, and start doing it? It’s part of what we still haven’t resolved. I have the sense that these dramas that we’re going through are encouraging us to come to terms with them and take them to a higher level. Hopefully, we will do just that.

We always have a choice in how we respond to what somebody else is doing to us. They have the right to make their choices. You have the right to make your choices. You can choose not to react to it, no matter what it is. You can also choose to be angry, and a myriad of choices in between, but ultimately you make a decision about how you are going to respond to what’s been dumped in your lap, and that’s your free will.

Choosing to Let Go of The Past

Destroying a Planet or Learning to Live Together?So it’s phenomenal. I mean it’s just incredible what power free will gives us. If everybody on this planet woke up this morning and decided to let go of the past and said let’s shake hands and get on with life, we would have such peace on this planet that it would be like nothing that has ever been before. Every single moment, we have the ability to choose to make that happen and we don’t do it, and why? Because of ignorance, lack of education, lack of spiritually enlightened role models able to impact the unenlightened, get them to understand their responsibility for what they are creating.

Nobody has really taught us about free will or the Law of One, and so we created today out of ignorance. If you’re going to create as God does, you need to be in unconditional loving mode because you’re going to create anyway, but if you’re not unconditionally loving, you’re going to create “pollution”. We simply need to love ourselves as God loves us. Love cancels karma. So what is the fruit of our labor then?

Creating a Different Society

We would not have the threat of nuclear war; there would be no violence in the Middle East; we would have no discord in our homes, all because everyone is choosing to love. It creates a different society. We literally make heaven on earth. So if you can be in the present moment and love yourself as God loves Itself in all parts of creation, and then create, you’re going to manifest really great and wonderful things. But if you don’t, it’s neither “good” nor “bad”, it just is.

Who you are is the result of what or who you have been, and what you do today creates who you will be tomorrow.


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